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" Well, I can't say it looks like you're going anywhere," Mr,
Mima said, and took off his hat.

The chunky man, still standing, swept his arm ferociously
over the heads of the crowd. "Hell, no!" he half-shouted,
" not with all this mob. I been forty minutes getting from
the fair ground to here. But you get up here like I say."

Mr. Munn looked inquiringly at the young woman, who,
he discovered, was smiling at him. " Sukie," the chunky man
announced, " this is Peijcy Munn, and this is my girl Sukie.
She just got In last week from St. Louis."

" Fm very glad to know you, Mr. Munn," she said.

"Ym glad to know you, Miss Christian," Mr. Munn

*' Call her Sukie," the man interposed, " and get on up here.
Move on over some, Sukie, you're hogging the seat."

Mr. Munn put his foot on the step and swung up to the
seat. He held the valise on his lap. It made him feel
awkward and cramped.

" You needn't call me Sukie," the girl said.   " My name is

Hie man sat down heavily, crowding the girl's body
tgainst Mr, Munn.   "You call her Sukie like I said," he

** Nw, Mr, Munn," the girl asked, leaning back so that she
mid look up at him from under the brim of her large straw
hat with its blue ribbons, " do you see how he can make Sukie
tt of i mm like Lucille?'*

** Fit made Sukie out of more kinds of names than you ever
itetwt1* the mm declared grimly. " I can make Sukie out of
ityf $aQeeI set my mind on it."

** I WMmkred your name was Lucille," Mr. Munn said


ml d!4" be replied. He did remember that it was Lucille,

mm&y he had never heard Mr. Christian ever refer

$f 4Nf fcther name than Sukie to his daughter, who had been

"JVh J ^* ^11 the seven years since he himself had been

fa Ba**?i!k Perhaps, he thought, he remembered it